‘Undercover Mothers’ bekæmper CRT og wokeness i skolerne

Don’t mess with these mothers.

A casual group of moms who got together in secret last summer to discuss what they felt was increasing and alarming “wokeness” in NYC private schools has morphed over the past six months into a stealth guerrilla powerhouse.

The organization has a core of about 25 mother activists who preside over a network of more than a hundred undercover mothers from LA to Texas to Miami. They say they were inspired first by two Ohio mothers, Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross, whose kids were expelled from private school in July 2021 after the moms pushed back against critical race theory.

Undercover Mother members also credit former Grace Church teacher Paul Rossi, booted from the classroom after he voiced doubts about the school’s new “woke” curriculum last year as well as Andrew Gutmann, a former Brearley School father who wrote a scathing open letter to the school in 2021, with giving them motivation and courage.

Undercover Mother’s chief weapons are a salty Twitter feed and a hard-hitting and prolific Substack that’s come out with 30 dispatches so far about so-called “anti-racism” and gender and sex education in schools since August 2021.

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  1. USA-demokraterne vil sikkert pudse politiet på
    disse brave kvinder, for alle børn i et land
    bør jo tilhøre statsapparatet, og så kan man
    da ikke have at forældre forsvarer og passer
    på deres børn. Trudeau i Canada er enig med
    demokraterne. Han har fået sit system til at
    fængsle forældre for at være gode forældre.

    I Danmark er socialkammeraterne også af den mening
    at staten helst skal være både far og mor for
    børnene. Børnenes rigtige far er gjort retsløs,
    det samme er børnene. Ned med familien, op med
    staten, er deres ideologi. Statsopdragelse af både
    børn og voksne ved brug af kommunistisk
    indoktrinering er også deres partiprogram.

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