Ups! “What a crock of shit” siger MSM host om demokratisk kandidat !

MSM guest host glemmer at mikrofonen er tændt og siger bagefter sin ærlige mening om en demokratisk kongressmand 🙂

Den host skal nok ikke regne med at blive inviteret til CNBC igen …

Som ventet er den demokratiske kongressmand ikke glad for den ærlige kommentar og prøver at spille “Offer” kortet 🙂

Det viser at (nogle) journalister udmærket ved, hvad det er for noget politisk korrekt ÆVL, de kolporterer

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  1. Fandt denne kommentar på Curmudgeonly&Skeptical. Den summerer det godt op:

    Each passing day brings joy to Conservatives as we watch the Dems self-destruct. They got what they voted for, and now Joe and Jane Democrat are scratching their heads, wondering what happened.

    Where’s the free stuff we were promised? Nancy Pelosi id barely hanging on; she has very little control over the new class of spoiled brats running wild through the halls of Congress. All the give-away programs the Snowflakes voted for in 2018 are being pushed aside while the leftists push for one useless hearing after another, trying to find anything at all to stain President Trump with.

    And even if they do come up with legislation, even if they try any move towards impeachment, it will never get past the Republicans in the Senate, or past the President’s desk.

    Then there’s the ever growing parade of clowns as one moron after another announces their run for the presidential nomination. Their anger over things President Trump has successfully accomplished knows no limit. The economy is growing, people are working, life is getting better, but they’re going to bring it all to a screeching halt, dammit!

    Grab yourselves a cold drink and some snacks, and sit back and relax. The show is just getting started.

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