USA diskuterer en TV-værts aggressivitet mens Hong-Kong-borgerne demonstrerer for deres frihed

Hong Kong Protesters Fly US Flag, Sing Our Anthem, While We Complain About Chris Cuomo

Hong Kong Protesters Fly US Flag, Sing Our Anthem,

While We Bicker About Chris Cuomo. The current #1 US trend and one of the top worldwide trends is ‘fredo’ which started trending after a video emerged of Chris Cuomo getting angry at someone who called him Fredo. While calling out the hypocrisy from CNN hosts is important to many people, especially considering Don Lemon defended Ted Cruz getting harassed at a restaurant, we need to focus on what is happening in Hong Kong.

Protesters are currently facing serious government repression. Mainland China is preparing APC’s and other military grade equipment to suppress the protests.

In defiance, Hong Kong democracy protesters have started flying the American Flag and singing the American national Anthem. Some have even held up signs reference the second amendment. Why? Because America still is a symbol of freedom to the world. America is a symbol of the right of every person to challenge their government have speak their minds.

It saddens me to see that across the world, one of our greatest adversaries is set to repress those demanding freedom and we are more concerned with a cable TV anchor getting angry over being called Fredo.

The protesters in Hong Kong are looking to us as a an example and while I understand that we have a job to call out hypocrisy in defense of that freedom we also have a responsibility to be a symbol for others fighting for their rights.

By all means call out Cuomo and CNN for their hypocrisy but I’m satisfied that Cuomo has apologized and now I’m concerned with a serious international incident forming in China

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