Venstrefløjen i USA i shock – endnu en højesteretsdommer skal udskiftes på Trumps vagt :-)

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the United States Supreme Court, effective July 31.

Nominated by President Reagan in 1987, the 81-year-old conservative justice leaves the bench after more than three decades of service – the 14th longest serving justice (out of 113) in Supreme Court history, leaving a vacant seat to be filled by a Trump appointee. His retirement has been long anticipated, though recent comments he made this week as the court upheld the President’s “travel ban” suggested an imminent departure from the bench according to Slate‘s Richard Hasen.

Without Kennedy, the court will be split between four liberal justices who were appointed by Democratic presidents and four conservatives who were named by Republicans. Trump’s nominee is likely to give the conservatives a solid majority and will face a Senate process in which Republicans hold the slimmest majority, but Democrats can’t delay confirmation.

Mere her

Det bliver sjovt. Løgnepressen og venstrefløjen vil nærmest betragte det som Dommedags komme 🙂

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