Ytringsfriheden under kraftigt angreb på ‘ytringsfrihedskonference’ i Londonistan

Ezra Levant rapporterer:

I’m in London, England.

At a “Media Freedom Conference” run by the British and Canadian governments.

A government conference on media freedom? That’s like holding a vegetarian conference at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Now that would be funny. But this government freedom conference is just Orwellian.

There’s not actually a lot of talk about freedom here. But there is a lot of talk about regulating “fake news” and “hate speech” — by which the conference organizers mean any journalism they don’t like

Like I say, it’s Orwellian. I mean, you didn’t think they’d be honest enough to call it a Media Censorship Conference, do you?

Chrystia Freeland is here — Canada’s walking disaster of a Foreign Minister, even as her government rushes in a raft of censorship policies back in Canada, in the run-up to the 2019 election.

The British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is here — even as the British citizen journalist Tommy Robinson will be sentenced tomorrow for the sin of reporting on a rape gang.

The craziest part of this whole conference is that it’s “sponsored” by a media tycoon — a far-left-wing billionaire named Pierre Omidyar, whose media companies are dedicated to attacking Donald Trump and Brazil’s pro-Trump president Jair Bolsonaro. It’s so weird — some of the panel discussions here are completely staffed by Omidyar employees. I’ve never heard of a government conference that was orchestrated by a private tycoon.

I’m here with our chief reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid. We’ve been filming videos all day — you’ve really got to see them. We’ve put up a special website, at, or by clicking here:

I really hope you take a moment to click through. We’ll be uploaded a dozen videos over the next 48 hours — including when I asked a British NGO dedicated to keeping journalists out of jail about Tommy Robinson. You wouldn’t believe what he said. (Actually, you would — how depressing.)

We’re here all day, and again tomorrow. I’m going to step out for a few hours to cover Tommy Robinson’s sentencing hearing in the morning but I’ll be back at the censorship conference after. And Sheila will be at the censorship conference all day.

(It’s funny — when Freeland saw Sheila coming with her microphone, she literally ran away, and hid behind some curtains, rather than take a question from her! So much for media freedom.)

I hope you enjoy our journalism from this weird, weird place, where freedom of speech comes to die.

And if you can, please help us cover our costs. Unlike most of the media here, we don’t take any money from governments or from that leftist billionaire Omidyar (he’s really just a lower-profile George Soros). We’re 100% independent. Which is why we need your help.

Please click here to chip in if you can — between all our economy-class flights and cheap hotels, we’re still out about $4,500 for the week. If you could help with $100 or even $10, it would be very gratefully received. (We can accept funds in British Pounds and Australian or U.S. dollars too. Thanks!)

I’m glad we’re here. Somebody has to ring the alarm about this wave of censorship. And I can promise you, it won’t be the CBC or the rest of the Media Party, who would be only too happy to have their independent competitors regulated out of existence.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. We’re the only independent media here that I can see. Other journalists are loudly calling for government regulation of “fake news” — which is what they call anything even vaguely conservative. Not a single panel discussion goes by without them demonizing Donald Trump or Nigel Farage!

P.P.S. Please click here to chip in if you can. Thanks!

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