Al Jazeera klynker over kommende gas-linje fra Israel og Cypern til Italien

Buhu , hvor er det slemt, når Gaza.beboerne ikke har nogen elektricitet …

Jeg har allerede bragt en artikel om den selvskabte El-“krise” i Gaza

I Al Jazeera artiken står bl.a. ”

“Ramallah – An Israel-Europe gas pipeline deal aimed at turning Israel into a major energy exporter in the Mediterranean has come under criticism from Palestinians, particularly as the besieged Gaza Strip continues to suffer from a crippling power crisis.”

At “El krisen” skyldes at Hamas ikek har betalt sin El-regning til Israel, der leverer strømmen, er åbenbart ikke vigtigt for Al Jazeera

At Hamas nemt kunne skaffe penge til EL ved at prioritere EL fremfor raketter og våben, er åbenbart heller ikke vigtigt …

“Ministers from Israel, Greece, Italy and Cyprus, as well as the European Union’s commissioner for climate action and energy, signed a joint declaration this month to make their commitment to building a gas pipeline that would bring recently discovered natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to Italy and the European market via Greece official.”

“The pipeline would be pumping gas from Israel’s giant Leviathan field, whose discovery in 2010 turned Israel from an energy importer into a potentially major player in the region. Leviathan is estimated to hold around 20 trillion cubic feet of gas.”

“The first country to sign up to buy Leviathan’s gas was Jordan. The country closed a $10bn gas deal with Israel last year, which will see Israel supply 8.5 million cubic metres of gas to its neighbour over 15 years”

Her er et kort med Israel Gasfund:

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse hele hulke-historien

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