Allerede 2 påviste tilfælde af at Mueller har forfalsket udsagn i rapporten

Muellers korruption kommer mere og mere for dagen, som tiden går.

The final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller contains an edited transcript from a voicemail left by an attorney for President Donald Trump to an attorney for former national security adviser Lieutenant Gen. Michael Flynn (ret.).

In Mueller’s report, this voicemail is selectively edited to give the impression that Trump’s attorney was asking Flynn’s attorney for information that might hurt the president while reminding the attorney about what Trump has said about Flynn.

The Mueller report left out the part where Trump’s attorney specifically asked for information that was not confidential. Mueller’s report strings along sections of the voicemail to give one impression.

This is the second example of selective editing in the Mueller report that we know about so far. The Daily Wire previously reported that important context was left out of a text-message exchange between former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and a Georgian-American businessman. The businessman, Giorgi Rtskhiladze, sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr demanding a footnote be retracted from the Mueller report misrepresenting his conversation.

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