Amerikansk advokatfirma sagsøger Kina for dets håndtering af Wuhan Corona epidemien

US Law Firm Sues China’s Regime for Covid 19 Coverup—Berman Law Group


03:23 How would a lawsuit against the Chinese regime actually work? 10:52 Breaking down the Chinese regime’s coverup and mishandling of the outbreak 18:59 Why can’t we trust official statistics coming out of China? 26:38 What kind of precedents are there to holding a sovereign state accountable? 34:01 What leverage could a judge use to actually force the Chinese regime pay? 37:53 What can the average person do to support this effort? 49:51 How much in damages are they seeking?

Should the Chinese regime be compelled to pay legal damages for mishandling and deliberately covering up the CCP virus, or coronavirus, outbreak? In practice, how could the Chinese regime actually be held accountable? What precedents are there? What could be used as leverage?

In this episode, we sit down with Jeremy Alters, the Chief Strategist and (non-attorney) spokesperson of Berman Law Group, which is filing a class-action lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China, for how it handled the CCP virus, or Covid 19 outbreak. Alters previously launched and won a major class action lawsuit against Chinese manufacturers of defective drywall. In his legal career, Alters has settled cases and achieved verdicts totaling over $4.5 billion dollars.

This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

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