AN ULTRA-radical Muslim group banned in many countries will promote support for an Islamic superstate in a seminar in Australia this month.

Melbourne Anglican minister Mark Durie, author of a book comparing Islam and Christianity, said in a widely distributed email: “If we wake up in 10 years’ time and wonder what went wrong, historians who are able to look back and analyse the rise of radical Islam in Australia will identify events such as this conference as part of the answer.”

“The caliphate is a political reality. It’s imminent. There is a burgeoning Islamic revival, and it’s only a matter of time before the caliphate is a state,” Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi  said.

Asked if he wanted sharia in Australia, Mr Doureihi said yes, by peaceful means.

Mere på The Age. Tip: SilleEllis Video

Sjovt som det altid er med ‘fredelige midler’, når de er ude i medierne. Ifølge koranen er det jo ikke lige med fredelige midler, islam skal udbredes.

SIDSTE NYT: Bankstown byråd trækker lokalerne til gisp-prut-papirs konference tilbage.

Islamisterne udtaler:

“The decision taken today by Bankstown City Council speaks volumes of the empty rhetoric surrounding the supposed noble epitomes of western liberal democracy.”

“Bankstown City Council will have to explain to the Muslim community and the wider Australian audience why it deems it unacceptable for the Muslim community to advocate for peaceful political change in the Muslim world, to campaign for representative government in the Muslim world and to see the end of tyranny and dictatorship in the Muslim world.”

“Through its decision today, Bankstown City Council has set a dangerous precedent by transforming itself into the public thought police. The council has publicly declared that constructive political discourse is only acceptable when Islam is removed from the national conversation.”

Man undrer sig over, at en organisation, der er imod demokrati og ytringsfrihed, påberåber sig netop disse frihedsrettigheder. Men det er jo netop dem, de vil bruge imod os selv. Demokratiet har ret til at forsvare sig mod dem, der vil afskaffe det – selv med demokratiets metoder. Nogen der husker 1933?

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