AUTHORIZED by Tommy Robinson’s family: legal defence fund og opdatering om Tommys situation ved Brian of London

VISIT to donate to Tommy Robinson’s authorized legal fund. Ezra Levant of announces: “With the approval and authorization of Tommy Robinson’s, I have undertaken to cover all of the fees of Tommy’s new legal team. If we raise more than is required to pay the legal fees, we will give 100% of the surplus to Tommy’s family. Tommy’s family will have complete access to the financial accounts.”



Offentliggjort den 15. jun. 2018

Yesterday wasn’t meant to be a crazy day for news about Tommy Robinson but somehow it was. I’m just trying to balance some of the more hysterical reporting of news about Tommy. It’s worth watching Ezra here too on Tommy’s legal team switch:…
There’s no such thing as completely safe for Tommy Robinson in a UK prison, but talk about him being on the verge of murder at any moment doesn’t help either. The only thing I want is Tommy safe, well and back with his family ASAP and then back to work telling people in the UK about stuff the main stream media definitely wants you to ignore.
Raheem has a good post on Facebook with lots of good advice, I’ll copy it here.…
I’m going to write this really quick for you guys because I know there’s a lot of frustration and confusion out there at the moment over the #FreeTommy case. Many people want to see action, and I understand that. But sometimes just because you’re not seeing action it doesn’t mean action isn’t happening. There’s a reason for all of it.
Firstly, we have to be incredibly careful to make sure Tommy is safe. Spouting off details about his location and situation isn’t necessarily helpful because they will take any excuse they can to move him into an even worse prison. His lawyers are currently working on his immediate situation and I can report they are fully active on this as of this morning.
Secondly, we have a good amount of political pressure both domestically and internationally, which I am working on co-ordinating.
I have had conversations with U.S. politicians and government officials at the highest level, and I’m working on more of that today, but also now moving onto key European players at the very top levels of government with the hopes of public intervention.
Thirdly, we are of course in the process of planning more events you can come to and be a part of. The violence at the last event has made this much more difficult for us, in terms of finding the cash for it, and in terms of working with the police and local authorities to make this happen. I realise much of the violence was provoked by the police, but alas it still harmed Tommy’s case at the end of the day.
Finally, I know you all want to know what YOU can do. Thankfully the answer is LOTS. —
Writing to Justice Minister David Gauke helps. Be civil, but firm. —
Writing to Home Secretary Sajid Javid helps. Same rules. —
Writing to your MP/MEP/Councillors helps. —
Writing to newsdesks and journalists helps. —
Calling into radio shows local or national, up and down the country, helps. Even if they’re on a different subject, just tell the producers what they want to hear and then talk about Tommy on air. It helps if you’re polite and work the case into your comments rather than just shouting, “Free Tommy!” on air. That is less helpful. —
Sharing articles and petitions helps. Remember Tommy has a good legal team, a strong family, and a staff of highly competent people.
The last thing we need is a demo outside the prison whereby the Governor can then move him somewhere worse over “security concerns”.
I know you’re all writing to me privately, and DMing me on Twitter. I’m sorry I can’t look at these right now, I am literally working 24/7 on the detail on this case.
Updates will be on my Twitter, and I’ll be in touch on here as much as possible.
For those asking, “Who put you in charge?” Well, no one really. But Tommy himself asked, via his family, that I help marshal the info, madness, and frustration. And if my friend asks me for a favour, I’ll do it with bells on.


No, Tommy Robinson hasn’t been moved to a 71% Muslim prison

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