Bidenadministrationen skjuler store mængder bevismateriale om hvad der skete 6. januar

Of course, double standards abound in everything related to January 6. Capitol protesters are treated as hardened criminals and dangerous terrorists, arrested in pre-dawn raids with some hauled off to a special prison in the nation’s capital to await trials that will be delayed for at least a year while political activists tied to the Left have their cases dropped.

Videos that help perpetuate the “insurrection” narrative are released to the public; videos that undermine that narrative are deemed “highly sensitive” government information and kept secret.

The names of white cops who kill black people are immediately released; the name of a black federal officer who killed a white Trump supporter is concealed by the government and the news media.

Enough with the Capitol cover up: If Americans really deserve the truth, as Democrats routinely insist, it cannot be a selective, politically favorable version of the truth.

Release the tapes. Officially release the name of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter. And release Joe Biden’s political prisoners.

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