Borgere i UK er ved at have fået nok

Police fear a decision by the British National Party to put patrols on the streets of Calne will add to the town’s problem with yobs (*).

The BNP claims it will have patrols working by the end of the week and they will help to stamp out problems with gangs and attacks.

BNP member Robert Baggs said:

“Of course the patrols are set to combat anti-social behaviour in the town mostly but we can’t let people worry about stepping out into their own street.

“The only way we can prevent things like this happening is with regular patrols on the street and as the police are not providing that service, we will.

“We tend to ask ex-service personnel to volunteer because they already have the discipline to do the job well.”

Mere på The Gates of Vienna via The Freedom Fighter’s Journal

(* Yob: bølle, bisse, hooligan)

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