Britain First aktionerer i London: White Lives Matter

Britain First

Today, Britain First has been trending on Twitter due to our ‘White Lives Matter’ flash demo yesterday in London.

Britain First is currently getting more tweets than Anthony Joshua, BLMUK, BLMLONDON and UKPROTESTS:

Britain First is completely dominating the discussion/traffic on Twitter in the UK. 

This comes as thousands of immigrant racists, criminal Antifa goons and self-loathing white liberals descend on Downing Street, attacking police officers and dozens of police horses. 

The statue of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph have both been vandalised with spray paint graffiti today:

Recently, party leader Paul Golding was threatened with prosecution under the ‘Serious Crime Act’ for wanting to hold a protest outside his recent trial.

Meanwhile, Antifa and their racist ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) allies are given free rein to assemble, viciously attack the police and vandalise our memorials. 

If this doesn’t demonstrate the bias and double standards of the authorities towards patriots, then nothing will.

The head of the Met Police even stated publicly that if the law was enforced when it came to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, it would result in serious disorder. 

The result of this cowardice?

Serious disorder and vandalise of our memorials anyway.

The police are blatantly demonstrating that if you are championing a politically correct left-wing cause, then you can break the law. 

Everyone else will be treated like Paul was, with serious consequences. 

Thanks to our brave activists yesterday, Britain First has ‘stolen the show’ today as more BLM riots take place outside Downing Street.

The low-life vermin championing BLM and their phoney cause have been revealing their bigotry all day on Twitter with their endless racist comments:

These tweets are just the tip of the iceberg.

While Britain First has been trending on Twitter, there have been literally thousands of cringey self-hating tweets from white liberals and the same number from black supremacists.

Obviously, the far-left and their immigrant racist friends have been massively triggered by our ‘White Lives Matter’ banner in London yesterday. 

These banners have been ordered in bulk and will be delivered to our regional branches this week so they can hit the streets nationwide!

Judging by recent events, Britain First is needed now more than ever to combat the far-left and restore pride and patriotism to our downtrodden people. 

This is why we are appealing to all serious patriots like you Jon to get behind our newly launched Operation Blizzard:

Are you fed up with the British people being constantly derided as dumb racists?

Are you fed up with watching our sacred memorials to our War Heroes being vandalised by immigrants and left-wing extremists?

Are you fed up with the cringe displays of unjustified white guilt from liberals and socialists?

Then for the sake of your children get behind our campaign and our frontline activists will take the fight to the enemy!

All they need is your support so they can hit the streets. 

Just like an army needs stockpiles of fuel, food and ammunition to wage war, Britain First needs to find sufficient resources to wage our political campaigns. 

HQ needs to mass order hundreds of thousands of leaflets, banners, placards, merchandise, security tools, handbooks, flags and much more to get our organisation firing on all cylinders again.

If you chip in today, you will see a blizzard of activities nationwide throughout the summer and all the way to Christmas. 

HQ has calculated carefully and concluded we need £8,000 to execute Operation Blizzard nationwide:

Target: £8,000
Raised: £1,680
Shortfall: £6,320

Recommended: Chip in £20

If everyone who receives this email donated just £10, that would raise a million pounds!

So, without delay, please chip in with whatever you can afford.

You will personally be equipping our frontline activists with the tools they need to finish the job!

Every penny counts:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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  1. Efter at rød, brun og sort socialisme samt islamisme har ødelagt livet for over en milliard mennesker i 50 lande, efter at kommunister, nazister, fascister og islamister har sultet, terroriseret, fængslet, tortureret og myrdet millioner og atter millioner af fredelige og sagesløse mennesker, er verden stadig ikke blevet klogere. Menneskeheden vil ikke sit eget bedste, men bliver ved med at satse på at totalitære bevægelser og politikere nok skal skabe lykkelige samfund og bedre tider.

    England, Libanon, Venezuela, Norge, Sverige og Danmark mv. har travlt med at ødelægge sig selv med kommunistisk politik, og resten af Vesteuropa følger måske efter?

    Britain First fortjener sympati og støtte.

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