Britain First: Paul Golding er netop løsladt – nu vil myndighederne fængsle ham igen

E0D2JP London, May 9th 2014. Muslim radicals from Anjem Choudary's Need For Khilafah group demonstrate outside India's High Commission in London against what they say is the abuse of Muslims by Hindus in India. Credit: Paul Davey/Alamy Live News

This afternoon, Paul Golding received a phone call from the police:

The Probation Service has applied to send Paul back to prison!

Although Paul is free from ‘license’ restrictions, new laws mean that he has to tell his Probation Officer where he stays every night until May 2019!

Paul (and Jayda shortly) is subject to ‘Post Sentence Supervision’ for a whole year, a new draconian law to control political activists.

When Paul told his Probation Officer last Friday (6th July) via email that he was traveling within the UK (he has a right to do so), he also gave information about where he would be staying Monday night (as he is supposed to do).

He returned on Tuesday evening and then stayed at home every night so far this week (like he is supposed to).

Now the Probation Service wants to send him back to prison?

Have they lost their marbles?

Paul has been ordered to hand himself into the Metropolitan Police in London tomorrow morning so he can be arrested

He will then be taken straight to the magistrate’s court to face judgement.

Paul could be recalled to prison – that’s how serious this is.

This is the ‘living hell’ that all patriots who are persecuted by the State have to endure.

The establishment is utterly determined to force us all out of the political arena!

Paul will be in court tomorrow and will be fighting to stay out of prison.

We are appealing for emergency funds for a serious and robust legal defence tomorrow in court.

Paul is adamant that he will remain unbroken and unbowed by this endless pressure from the government.

He is refusing to surrender, no matter what they throw at him.

This is no coincidence: Last night Britain First launches a new Facebook page, this afternoon it is deleted by Facebook and almost immediately an arrest warrant is issued for Paul!

Right now we need our supporters to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Paul by chipping in to fund his legal defence tomorrow!

He needs your unswerving support – will you stand at Paul’s side as he battles the rotten leftwing establishment tomorrow?

Please chip in here:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ


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