Britain First vil overvåge Den Engelske Kanal med droner – venstrefløjen hadet det

The idea of using drones to patrol the English Channel to intercept migrant crossings is sending our leftwing opponents into a spin.

Take a look at these complete morons on the beaches near Dover:

Here is what KentLive had to say:

‘Paul Golding has claimed in his latest promotional video that they will be escalating this in a big, big way in the coming weeks and floated the idea of investing in drones to look out at sea instead of through binoculars.’

We are still some way from being able to purchase two of these amazing drones.

Will you help our frontline activists to get their hands on these brilliant machines?

With just two of these amazing drones, we can scan/patrol an area roughly outlined on the map below (the red area):

To purchase two of these machines asap, we need to urgently raise £1,258.

Our activists are crying out for these drones and they want to get their hands on them rapidly.

Every penny counts, so please chip in with whatever you can afford, £5, £10, £20 or even £100 – the choice is yours

Don’t delay, contribute what you can right now, we are depending on you:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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