Britiske venstrefascister fortsætter med at vandalisere og fjerne historiske monumenter i UK

Britain First

Today is another dark day in our nation’s history. 

Poisonous Muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan has come out and ordered the removal of historical statues across the capital.

The first of these is from Scottish merchant Robert Mulligan, the man who created many of London’s docks. 

Today, Robert Mulligan’s statue in the docklands was ripped down by Khan’s goons:

Why is Khan completely ignoring the much longer operating Islamic slave trade in Africans that was only halted by the British Empire?

The political Left’s outrage is selective and fraudulent

Here we have a Pakistani Muslim immigrant tearing down statues of British historical figures in our capital city!

That’s the sick, twisted reality of this situation. 

Meanwhile, thousands of BLM and Antifa students have descended on Oxford university to demand the removal of the statue of Cicil Rhodes, one of the key Britons who forged the British Empire in southern Africa. 

What next? Mass burning of books?

These left-wing scumbags are now targeting Queen Victoria, because she was the Queen of India during the days of the British Empire!

This is a statue of Queen Victoria in Leeds:

The only time in recent history when statues/monuments of historical importance have been blown up or pulled down by zealots is – as Nigel Farage so bravely pointed out today – when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan!

Britain First is having none of it, we are mobilising to oppose this communist campaign to destroy British history and instil fake white guilt.

Today, for example, our activists in Northern Ireland hit the streets displaying a White Lives Matter banner in the heart of Belfast:

They also visited left-wing murals on the IRA-dominated Falls Road:

Britain First will be mobilising across the country to counteract this toxic left-wing campaign to make our people feel guilty and ashamed of their ethnicity on completely fraudulent grounds. 

If this is how we are treated when we are still a majority of the population, imagine how bad life will be for us when we are a minority?

We have to be harsh now, considering the gravity of the situation. 

You cannot be neutral any longer. 

You are either with the British resistance, or you condone what is happening to our country. 

You are either with our frontline activists, or on the side of the communist liberal-left.

That’s the harsh situation, and we apologise for being so blunt, but you have seen what is happening.

If you cannot hit the streets with our brave footsoldiers, then please chip in with a donation to help supply them.

Everyone reading this can do something.

Operation Blizzard is about to launch and we need your unbridled commitment and support.

This is the state of play the present time:

Target: £8,000
Raised: £4,980
Shortfall: £3,020

Recommended: Chip in £10

You will personally be equipping our frontline activists with the tools they need to finish the job!

Please chip in, every penny counts.

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

PS: This Saturday, independent patriots have called a unity demonstration to protect our sacred war memorials in London from left-wing vandalism. Everyone is going, including Paul Golding, Tommy Robinson and many more:

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  1. Vil det sige at Vi så kan forbyde folk at gå med t-shirts med che, stalin og alle de andre kommunistiske massemordere?

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