Buy danish – but not………

To gain contracts in Middle-East countries danish firms may have signed contracts not to trade with Israel for several years.

(If danish firms have done so – which other firms from EU and the US?)

Arla – the danish dairy firm – says today – that such contracts are pure routine.

Maybe the time has come to check who you are dealing with – and who you are not dealing with.

Danish firms who may or may not have admitted to the above (see below):

(Some may be dealing with Israel anyway):

Arla: See below

Leo: Says that they trade with Israel anyway

Maybe you should check firms from your country?


Update: February 20. Arla says, that they have never boycotted Israel, and that they have not signed any contracts about this. They also say that they sell dried milk, butter and cheese to Israel for about 30,8 Million US$. Furthermore they say, that Arla’s trade with Israel is increasing. Arla admits, that when they trade with arab nations, they never use Israeli rawmaterials, and never do any transport via Israeli territorium.

Link about this at ARLA in danish. And in english

Arla’s business policy (our responsibility) here

AFI’s main trade partners
R.A.M. International Ltd.
Beit Ofer 5
Nahum Hafzadi Street
P.O.B. 34414
Jerusalem 91342
Att: President, Mr. Avi Hasson

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  1. I wonder if these dhimmi contracts are just buying time so they can get back to business as usual. I have every confidence that the Israelis will outsmart the Islamic corporate bully boys.

  2. Shouldn`t itdepend on which way the trade goes? I f Israel buys from Arla, it`s no big deal. If Arla buys from Israel, maybe it is maybe it isn`t.
    But, if I`m buying Arla Havarti because I think the muslim boycott against them is wide spread when infact it may not be then screw them.
    Problem is we need more details

  3. What have danish firms done. They have not harmed or killed people. They did’nt even print the pohtos. Just one small newspaper dit.

    What is worse. Printing the photos of the propeht or sending young people in to the supermarkets blowing them selve opp and killing lots and lots of inoscnt children in the name of the prophet.

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