Canadisk dhimmitude

A Muslim inmate has won $2,000 and a partial human rights victory over a Correctional Service of Canada policy not to replace bacon with a halal diet for Islam-worshipping cons.

Duane David, who is serving time unknown crime, had complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that his rights were being violated as the prison failed to offer a halal replacement for bacon served to inmates with breakfast every Wednesday.

A Federal Court of Canada hearing was told the breakfast included three pieces of bacon, two eggs, three slices of toast, jam, ketchup, milk, coffee, juice and cereal.

“Muslim inmates who follow a halal diet (usually) receive all of these items, except the bacon,” Madame Justice Eleanor Dawson was told. “Mr. David had requested a substitute for the three pieces of bacon, but the request was refused by the institution.”

David appealed the investigator’s decision to the federal court, who this month ordered the attorney general to pay David $2,000 for damages and that the commissions’ decision be set aside as a new hearing is launched into the matter.

During the grievance hearing, Joyceville’s chief of food services said his department didn’t have the budget to offer a bacon replacement and another official called for the banning of the food from all Ontario jails.

Mere på The Toronto Sun

Utroligt han ikke fik det eneste passende svar, der er: Klap i og spis op. Men mon ikke han får med de andre fanger at gøre – hvis man fjerner bacon fra alle fængsler?

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  1. Hvis ikke man vil spise det mad de stiller frem, må man lade være med at lave kriminalitet.
    Måske man skulle indføre bacon med flæskesteg som årets ret i alle fængsler 😀

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