Danmarks omdømme: Anders Fup og Forfatningen

Copenhagen Surrenders Without a Fight. Will Ireland Save Europe’s Honour?

Fra The Brussels Journal:

The Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced today that Denmark will not hold a referendum on the treaty of Lisbon on the EU constitution, the so-called “Reform Treaty”. Denmark will ratify this treaty through a parliamentary decision. Mr Rasmussen’s Liberal Party and the Social Democrats have the necessary majority to ratify the treaty in parliament.

The Danish PM claims that Denmark’s sovereignty will not be affected by the Reform Treaty. The EU authorities in Brussels want the Reform Treaty signed on 13 December and then ratified, regardless of national democratic sentiment.

Everyone knows, however, that the Reform Treaty is almost identical to the European Constitution which was rejected in referendums in France and the Netherlands two years ago. Last month Valery Giscard d’Estaing, who chaired the Convention which drew up the rejected Constitution, wrote on his blog that the new Treaty of Lisbon and the Constitution are virtually the same.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen himself, comparing the Constitution to the Reform Treaty, told the paper Jyllands-Posten on 25 June 2007: “That which really matters – the core – is left.” There are persistent rumours that Mr Rasmussen has been offered a high EU position if he signs away his country’s independence.

With Denmark surrendering to Brussels, only the Irish are now able to save Europe’s honour.

Og her fra England:


En pris at betale? – Tjah, det kostede Røde Kors 750.000 kr. at slippe af med Jørgen Poulsen.

Hvor meget vil det koste Danmark at slippe af med Anders Fup Rasmussen?

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  1. Den, der forråder det danske folk, forråder også Danmark.

    V, K og S er Quislinge.

    Gud bevare Danmark – dansk


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