Dar el islam: Islamization By Sexual Assault

The Free Copts received a video recording of a group of Muslim men sexually assaulting, and terrorising a Coptic teenage girl from a prominent family in the province of El Menya (Upper Egypt), for the purpose of forcing her to convert to Islam and marrying one of them.

One of the men, a neighbour to the victim named Alaa Omar lured her to a neighboring house, where the other men were waiting. They proceeded to forcibly remove her clothing and photograph her naked. The intended husband, Ahmad Fathey Elrayes then removed his own clothes and posed naked with the terrified victim.

Throughout the ordeal, the victim was ordered to stay quiet and threatened with murder if she tried to call out for help. The attackers also threatened their victim that if she didn’t comply with their demands, she would meet the same fate as a girl from a neighboring town, who was gang raped, killed and dumped in a graveyard. The attackers in that crime were 8 members of a fundamentalist Islamic group, who were released without bail and their victim’s death had gone unpunished.

The kidnappers are:

Alaa Omar AbdelGaber: The victim’s neighbor who also recorded the attack

Amro Nassar

A brother of Amro Nassar

Ahmed Fathy Elrayes: The intended husband for the victim, who was promised the sum of 30,000 pounds if successful in converting the victim to Islam and marrying her

A member of Algameya Alshareya in El Menya, who would pay the said 30,000  LE.  Egyptian pounds(About US $5260) to Alrayes

The 4 kidnappers all have prior convictions, and are known for terrorising the community and extorting money from local Christian businesses. Alaa Omar is currently detained pending an investigation of an unrelated crime.


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