Dashboard Mohammed

Uden den enorme muslimske reaktion på Jyllands-Postens Muhammedtegninger var det aldrig kommet så vidt. Nu er Muhammed med bombe også ude som dukke til instrumentbrættet på din bil.

dbcb1.jpg“I originally came up with the idea for the Dashboard Mohammed while browsing eBay (drunk), which is how I spend about 20% (80%) of my time at work (home). I stumbled across the classic pop icon “Dashboard Jesus,” and was about to buy one when a thought came to me (these thought things are pretty few and far between for me, so I tend to pay attention when I get them): Only one-third of the world’s population has the option of proudly displaying their deity of choice on the dashboard of their crappy car. The injustice! I couldn’t sit idly by and allow the vast majority of our world to go without what I had so callously taken for granted. Where was our Dashboard Buddha, our Shiva, our Abraham, the Prophet Mohammed himself, for goodness sake? Within minutes I came up with the answer. I would create the world’s first Dashboard Mohammed. I know this might upset some of the Hindis and Buddhists out there from the start. “Why the special treatment,” you ask. “Where’s OUR dashboard inspiration?” Well, I consider it only fair to begin with the religion I see being most ostracized in today’s climate. It’s nothing personal, guys, and I plan to insult everyone sooner or later.

I placed an order for the first hundred Dashboard Mohammeds with an online custom bobble head manufacturer, and as a proposal for the head sent them a rendition of the infamous “bomb-Mohammed” picture published by the Jyllands-Posten in September, 2005. I actually sent the picture to about four different online agencies, since I was expecting people to steer clear of an item that could potentially cause a great deal of controversy. I wasn’t disappointed, however, as these companies are ideal capitalists (they manufacture in China), and the almighty dollar got all four customer service reps to send me a quote.”

Fremstillet i Kina? Men dem tør muslimerne nok ikke reagere mod? Hvor mange kinesere er det, der findes – 1,2 milliarder? Nej islam slår vel ikke på nogen, der er lige så store som dem selv?  (PS: Firmaet har også en Jesus).

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  1. Capital idea. Capitalist idea too. It might sell, especially should there be any publicity from global rioting over the product. Then again, riots could break out over the fact that Mohammad’s name was typed with the wrong English spelling, who can really predict these things?

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