Demokraten Adam Schiff fra Kongressens Sikkerhedsudvalg lyver om Trump og Rusland


Selv det venstreorienterede Rolling Stone er ved at have fået nok:

Rolling Stone has had its ups and downs. It’s still reeling from its trainwreck “A Rape On Campus” story by Sabrina Rubin Erdely that embroiled the magazine in controversy over a gang rape that allegedly happened at the University of Virginia. It didn’t. The Washington Post’s T. Rees Shapiromostly did the work that should’ve been done by the music magazine, which could have saved Erdely and the magazine a lot of pain. She was recently found guilty of defamation with actual malice against one of the administrators featured in the piece. Yet, out of the ashes, there’s Matt Taibbi, who while he’s probably no fan of Donald Trump, finds that the Left (and some on the anti-Trump Right) has gone insane over the Russia-Trump collusion narrative that has yet to produce any solid shred of evidence suggesting such coordination occurred during the 2016 election. It’s taken a life of its own to the point where writers who either question or hang back on this subject are accused of being Putin plants. The speculation game has devolved into mass hysteria, which could have an impact on future discourse in elections.

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