Demokraterne imploderer, støtten til impeachment kollapser

Democrat SLAMMED By Protests As Impeachment Support COLLAPSES, Majority Now OPPOSE Impeachment.

Earlier today Elissa Slotkin, a moderate democrat from Michigan, announced she will be voting to impeach Donald Trump. Her announcement was met with boos, jeering, and protests holding signs that said “impeach slotkin.”

As of today the national average polling shows the majority of Americans now oppose the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. The polls we saw all last month showed that Independent voters had switched to opposing impeachment but now as Democrats also join in opposition national averages show support is collapsing fast.

This may be the biggest mistake Democrats ever make as they are sacrificing their House majority for an impeachment that is guaranteed to fail.

Mitch McConnell has already stated he is working with Trump and the White house and even Alan Dershowitz says there are no grounds to impeach trump. Dershowitz is a Hillary Clinton supporter, endorsed her in 2008, and has consistently oppose Trump’s policies but even he has come out saying there is no constitutional grounds for impeachment.

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  1. Interessant analyse !
    Hans påstand er at hvis demokraterne standsede impeachment-farcen og kørte på “Trump er så så dårlig, men vi er bedre”, så vill demokraterne vinde i 2020
    Han har ret i at det er en meget smartere approch, men vinde i 2020 ?
    Det tror jeg ikke på, for han tager jo slet ikke hensyn til det socialistiske udbud af demokratiske præsidentkandidater
    mvh TrumfEs

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