Den britiske politistat slår til igen: Tommy Robinson fundet skyldig

In a shocking decision minutes ago, freedom of speech suffered a major blow as Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court again. It was the second prosecution of Tommy for live streaming his commentary outside a trial of a Muslim rape gang in Leeds in May of 2018.

Back then, Tommy was convicted in a ten-minute trial and sentenced to 13 months of prison, but after 10 weeks the Court of Appeal freed him.

This time it was a two-day trial, and he was convicted all the same. (The judges will issue the details of his punishment later.)

I’m truly shocked. The prosecution’s case was pitifully weak — because, with the passage of time, it is now certain that Tommy did not, in fact, endanger that rape gang trial. It concluded successfully, with guilty verdicts.

Instead, the prosecution emphasized that, by asking the rapists, “how do you feel about the verdict?” as they walked into court (those were Tommy’s exact words) Tommy was somehow prejudicing the trial, which had actually ended the day before.

This is terrible news for Tommy, but it’s terrible news for freedom of speech and the right to discuss controversial issues in the United Kingdom. And what happens in the UK today, may well come to Canada and the U.S. tomorrow.

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And what can we do, other than redouble our own commitment to fighting for freedom — while we still can.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. I am truly shocked by this. I was naive to think the establishment would let Tommy Robinson go free. This ruling is a danger to all media, and to all free citizens — and censorship is a virus that can spread.

P.P.S. Tommy’s voice has been silenced on social media, but ours hasn’t — yet. If you can support our coverage of these important issues (including our travel to the UK) please do, by clicking here to chip in what you can.

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