Den første bog skrevet af engelske politiske bloggere

red_book.jpgThe Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze  
Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes

Book Description
The first book ever written by UK political bloggers. Edited by Iain Dale ( and Guido Fawkes ( the book details 100 instances of Labour sleaze since 1997. Containing a ‘sleazeometer’ the book includes chapters on Lord Irvine’s wallpaper, John Prescott’s Cocktail Sausage, Alastair Campbell’s lies, Peter Mandelson’s double resignation, Ron Davies’s badger watching and ‘moment of madness’ and much much more. If you want to annoy Tony Blair, buying this book will achieve it.

(Sleaze = umoralsk eller uærlig – især indenfor politik)

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