Den ikke eksisterende forbindelse mellem Irak og Al-Qaeda

Melanie Phillips skriver om den forhenværende CIA-direktør George Tenets bog ‘At the Centre of the Storm’.

“There is already a huge amount of evidence that has been published, in various books (by Laurie Mylroie, for example, or Stephen F Hayes) and by the Weekly Standard itself, strongly suggesting a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda. None of this has been reported by the mainstream western media. These revelations by George Tenet — who has no reason to make them up since they detract from his attempt to hole Bush below the water-line— have been ignored by the mainstream media. That is because the line that there was never a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda is one of the structural supports for the Big Lie disseminated by the mainstream media that we were taken to war on a lie. If they were forced to acknowledge the evidence for such a connection, the whole story they have constructed about Iraq would crumble, and the prism through which they have consistently distorted the presentation of the Iraq crisis — which has done so much to aid the Islamist enemy — would be shattered along with their own stellar reputations.

They therefore simply air-brush all the evidence for this connection out of public consciousness altogether. But it exists. Even George Tenet acknowledges it. And one day history will judge just who has been on the wrong side of it.”

Melanie Phillips / Limewoody

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