Den mest patetiske tilsvining af Trump nogensinde

This Is The Most PATHETIC Smear Against Trump We Have Seen Yet, Even Never Trumpers Defend Him

Media is now trying to spin a tale so absurd that even former Republican and current Never Trumper George Conway has defended him.

As Trump comes under fire repeatedly over touting a potential treatment to the virus, Democrats have called for him to be charged by “The Hague” and the media has repeatedly claimed he was dangerous.

Now the media is trying to claim that Trump is profiteering off of recommending this treatment because he owns a mutual fund which owns a small stake in a pharmaceutical company in France.

It turns out Trump may have as little as $99 invested proving this is the most pathetic lie we have seen yet to make the president look bad.

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  1. Menneskeheden synes at være opdelt i to lige store halvdele, en halvdel som foretrækker lys, sandhed og godmodighed, og en halvdel som går ind for mørke, løgn og ondskab.

    “Demokraternes” opførsel tyder på at de hører til i den mørke afdeling. Men “demokraterne” er vel heller ikke andet end en slags kommunister.

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