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  1. Hello.
    There is very little that I understand on some of your pages, Hodja.
    But I understand this:
    “Dhimmi Prince without a clue Charles”

    Ho ho hohohohohohoho !!!!

    I was absolutely horrified to hear his recent speech.
    I am wondering if this man has bothered to do any research or if he has just listened to all the politically correct minions and the taqiyya-merchants.
    Perhaps we should send Mr. Charles some specially pork-enriched SPAM !!! (Pork = Muslim deterent).

    Fill his inbox with links to ‘wake-up’ sites !!!

    Oooooh. Isn’t he ashamed of himself ?


    How do you keep a M*slim vampire away ?
    Wear a string of pork & garlic sausages round your neck.

    Okay – not that funny – I’ve been up for hours rearranging the order of our Brain Donor Awards.
    I would have published the one from your site today, but something else hadn’t been put in place and I needed to ensure that it had.
    The BDA from your site is currently planned for 27th or 28th March. If you have any objections, please let me know.
    Keep up the writing, Hodja.


  2. Hmm, I’d say interesting, but ignornace so rarely is. I suggest you check out some of the families previous estates and associations. You might want to start with Jerusalem under the Angevins, and perhaps learn to exclaim a ‘Ya Allah’ in the manner of de Molay.

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