ECRI’s bemærkninger om Danmark i relation til deres bemærkninger om antisemitismen i Frankrig


99. In its second report, ECRI recommended that the French authorities keep the situation regarding antisemitism under review. ECRI is seriously concerned to learn of the significant deterioration in the situation since the adoption of the second report, a change that became apparent in the end of year 2000, following the flare-up of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A significant increase of antisemitic acts in France has since been noted, reaching a peak in 2002 and now decreasing once more, while still remaining at a very high level. Furthermore, the violence of such antisemitic acts seems to be on the rise.

100. According to the National Advisory Committee on human rights, antisemitic acts account for a majority of racist acts enumerated, as they make up 72% of the total number of crimes of racist threats and violence registered in 2003. The number of acts committed by persons sympathetic to right-wing extremist movements remains constant. According to several sources, the strong increase which has occurred in the last years seems rather to result from acts committed by youth from difficult neighbourhoods, of Arab origin and Muslim religion, who also engage in delinquent activity against everything which stands for law and order as a reaction to the social exclusion from which they suffer16. It is thought that these young people tend to seek self-identification with the Palestinians and are attempting to reproduce the Israeli-Palestinian confrontations on French territory by attacking the Jewish community. Events demonstrate that the increase in antisemitic acts is substantially linked with the international news of conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians but also the war in Iraq or international terrorism. The antisemitic acts recorded include: physical assaults; arson; desecration of synagogues; vandalism of shops and denominational schools, threats; insults; as well as an increase of negationist contentions17. The representatives of the Jewish community consider that aside from the numbers, the problem in France lies in a change of the general climate of public opinion towards members of the Jewish community. This climate has worsened, arousing a sense of unease and anxiety within the Jewish community.


101. The French authorities are aware of the problem of antisemitism and have adopted a firm stance in an effort to curb the phenomenon. All the measures taken have been designed to combat not only antisemitism, but also racism, and some of them are described in other parts of this report. The government has displayed a clear political will, and is focusing its response on providing security for places of worship and schools, cracking down on antisemitic and racist acts, and aiming to prevent racism and antisemitism in the school environment. ECRI also notes that an Ambassador responsible for the international dimension of the Shoah, dispossession of property and the duty of remembrance has been appointed. 27 January has been selected as a day of Holocaust remembrance and prevention of crimes against humanity. The French authorities are working closely with the representatives of the Jewish community to monitor the situation. In 2004 the fight against racism was declared to be a Grande Cause Nationale and information campaigns to counter this scourge are being conducted in Paris and other cities.


102. ECRI strongly recommends that the French authorities continue to intensify their efforts aimed at combating antisemitism. It encourages the French authorities to conduct research into and identify the causes of the increase in antisemitism in order to take the most appropriate measures to prevent and fight against this phenomenon. In this respect, ECRI draws the attention of the French authorities to its General Policy Recommendation N° 9 on the fight against antisemitism.

Bortset fra den totale apologisme overfor de unge banditter og islam, bruges der her helt andre ord end i rapporten om Danmark, der sådan set kun kan kaldes flueknepperi.

Der er ikke heller et eneste ord fra EU-institutionen ECRI om, at det sådan set er et led i den Euro-Arabiske Dialog, at Europa skal tage del i den muslimske verdens anti-Israelske politik, og at den franske antisemitisme således er mere eller mindre officiel politk.

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