Efter Salvini mistede magten: Italiens røde regering giver flere penge til invasorerne end til egne invalidepensionister

Italy’s new leftist government is set to hand out more welfare cash to migrants than its own disabled citizens.

Two million out of three million disabled people in Italy rely on state benefits, this works out at just 54 cents per day in welfare, which isn’t even enough to live on a subsistence diet.

In contrast, migrants receive €20 euros a day, a figure that used to be even higher at €35 euros a day before Matteo Salvini reduced it.

According to Fabio Scaltritti of the Community San Benedetto al Porto in Alessandria, the question over handing money to migrants isn’t an economic issue, it’s an “ethical” necessity.

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  1. Hvordan ligger stemmerne fra folket. ??
    Jeg havde da indtrykket af at Salvini vandt valget. Alt andet er var særdeles utænkelig.

    Når folket er blevet møre, får piben en anden lyd

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