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En kommentar til mine Muhammed smileyer er tilkendt Brain Donor Awarden:

Her er kommentaren:

You are losing your minds and the time will come when you will regreat all that. But i tell you something, if muhammed was not sent by Allah (GOD) you wouldn’t be having this pc and this internet and you will still be in the dark ages, without toilets and without any of the technology that you see around you…

Think and Islam is the TRUTH. And no one can fight Islam because it is protected by GOD…

Read about islam and you will see the truth, if you’re looking for it obviously god will give it to you.

Comment by Al Muslim

Awarden kan du finde her hos ScoozMe – jeg synes han har fortjent den 🙂

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  1. Tja hans argumenter holder jo desvære ikke rigtigt vand, for alt hvad den islamiske “civilisation” har frembragt, har de hugget fra besatte områder.

    Og pt kan de ikke stikke en pind i en lort uden at spolere begge dele.
    Ikke engang deres livsgrundlag olien kan kludehovederne selv finde ud af at hive op 😀

    Så fætter guf der gav vist bare luft for en gang mindreværd *lol*

  2. What is he saying, that mohammed ‘invented’ computers and the internet? The piece of shit could not even read or write, he was a damned inbred pervert who (like all inbred muslim men) would have put his dick into anything. Male Female, Old Young, Dead, Animal, a knothole.

    Oh here is my proof!! Think and you will KNOW pisslam is dah truf. and there you have it. The great truth of pisslam. It’s true because THEY SAY SO, and they know because HE SAID SO. LMAO!!

    WHY are their arguments ALL THE SAME, and why are they all so damned STUPID, and boy do I mean the total inability to LEARN anything new. HAHAAA 1,400 years of cousin fucking!!

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