Engelsk universitet uddanner Iranske ingeniører til Irans nuklearindustri

Limewoody skriver:

British campus link to Iranian nuclear centre
Gareth Walsh

A BRITISH university has agreed to train engineering students from a notorious Iranian nuclear research centre in an attempt to plug a hole in its finances.

Birmingham University will this September receive the first batch of 60 students from Amirkabir University in Tehran. Amirkabir has been accused by intelligence agencies of operating as a front for the secret purchase of nuclear technology by Iran.

The scheme, devised by Birmingham to plug a predicted £800,000 deficit, may be forced to close if the United Nations imposes sanctions against Iran.

Mark Fitzpatrick, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said: “Any kind of technical exchange with organisations that are involved in Iran’s nuclear or missile work would likely fall to a cut-off at a later stage.”

The Iranian university has helped develop technology used in the manufacture of nuclear warheads, and its engineers are carrying out research into missile guidance systems.
 The engineering department at Birmingham struck the deal, worth up to £700,000 a year, after other overseas students failed to turn up. Universities earn three times as much in fees from overseas students as from their UK and EU counterparts.
Under the scheme, the Iranians study for two years in Tehran, then finish their degrees in Birmingham after completing military service.

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Så er det man spørger sig selv, hvad får englænderne for det? Garanti for ikke flere selvmordsangreb – hvis en sådan kan gives?


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