EXPOSED: The 911 Call Before Alton Sterlings Death That BLM Doesn’t Want Heard

The 37-year-old sex offender killed in Baton Rouge may have been hailed a hero by the Black Lives Matter movement for being shot by a cop, but details from a 911 call placed just before the incident revealed a very different side of the story.

A homeless man placed the call, saying that Alton Sterling had threatened him with a gun after asking him for money.

Video has also been released from the surveillance camera at the crime scene in front of the convenience store showing what appeared to be a gun being removed from Sterling’s possession.

The 310-pound Sterling was placed on the sex offender list after being convicted of having had sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl when he was 20.

In 2009, he was caught up in a wrestling match with a police officer when a handgun fell from his waistband and he was arrested.

He had a lengthy criminal record. With assault and battery incidents as well as a domestic battery case, Sterling didn’t appear to have had much respect for the police or the law at all.

The media narrative coming from the liberal establishment and the Black Lives Matter crowd has been that Sterling was just an innocent man selling compact discs in front of a convenience store when police decided, for no particular reason, to gun him down.

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