Frankrig bakker op om dødsstraf for franske statsborgere

In a groundbreaking precedent, France has backed an Iraqi court for its sentencing of four of its citizens to death for joining the Islamic State. Agnès von der Mühll, French foreign affairs ministry spokeswoman, stated that the jihadists “must answer for their crimes in court”.

Canada, among other countries have focused on repatriating IS jihadists, and is partnering with Turkey to return them. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sees these hardened jihadists as potentially a “powerful voice” for deradicalization, and the Royal Canadian Mountain Police thinks its better to save them from death sentences.

Iraq however justifies its death sentences of foreign IS fighters. A judge told British authorities that such sentencing is carried out “in a bid to protect Britain”. Judge Abdul Sattar Beraqdar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council stated: The punishment, as much as it seems strong, will affect the security of your country….I am sure there are hundreds of people in Britain at this moment thinking of committing similar crimes.” The UK minister for international development has said similar. Rory Stewart said IS converts believe  in an “‘extremely hateful doctrine‘ and had moved away from any allegiance to Britain. They can expect to be killed because of the “serious danger” they pose to the UK’s security.”

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An Iraqi court has condemned a German woman to death after she was found guilty of belonging to the jihadist group. She admitted traveling to Syria and Iraq with her two daughters.

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