George Soros’s milliarder bruges til at underminere USA’s retssystem

How much exactly does “social justice” cost?

Liberal billionaire George Soros spent at least $40 million over the last decade to answer that question, according to our latest research. Those millions helped elect scores of progressive prosecutors bent on remaking the criminal justice system to Soros’ liking.

It’s not to Americans’ liking, as San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s recall Tuesday shows. Soros didn’t fund Boudin directly, but he donated to an anti-recall PAC. And Boudin is the first face on the “Meet the Movement” page of the Soros-funded Fair and Just Prosecution, whose conferences he’s attended.

From 2014 to 2021, Soros’ $40 million in campaign spending helped elect so-called social justice prosecutors across the country while dozens more benefited from the billionaire’s largesse while in office. About 75 Soros-linked district attorneys control the jurisdictions of 72 million Americans — one in five — from Manhattan to Portland, Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

And Soros isn’t done yet.

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  1. Marxister plejer at favorisere de kriminelle
    på voldsofrenes bekostning, og på bekostning
    af ofrene for indbrud, tyverier, røverier,
    svindel, voldtægt, mord og brand. Læs selv
    om hvad der foregik i Sovjet-unionen, Kina,
    Nazi-tyskland, Cambodia osv. Læs Sojsjenitsyn
    og Antony Beevor m.fl.

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