Gidseltageren i synagoge i Texas er britisk Labour valgmedhjælper

Britain, as a country, is now an exporter of Islamist terrorism. 

A Labour Party campaigner from Blackburn travelled to Texas and took hostages in a synagogue.

He demanded the release of Lady Al-Qaeda, a convicted terrorist.

Thankfully, no one was killed and all the hostages were rescued.

Malik Faisal Akram (below) has a long history of Islamist extremism going back over twenty years.

Akram was barred from a UK courthouse just days after 9/11 for threatening staff and making comments in support of the attacks.

That the perpetrator of the Texas terror attack was known by MI5 but not investigated – or dismissed as a “low priority” – has become a regular feature in the aftermath of such attacks in recent years here in the UK.

The authorities know who the extremists are, but just allow them to run rampant because they are terrified of being called “racist”.

For example, the government inquest into the Manchester Arena bombing, which saw crowds leaving an Ariana Grande concert in 2017 targeted by suicide bomber Salman Abedi, admitted that the mass-killer was known to MI5 and that the agency should have alerted the police to his movements.

Similarly, the inquest into the London Bridge terror attack found that MI5 had investigated one of the Islamist killers for more than four years but that key information had not been shared and an assessment by the agency found, wrongly, that he was not an attack threat.

The Islamist Westminster attacker was also known to MI5, having been investigated as a “peripheral figure” years before the 2017 attack that killed three.

The result of this politically correct appeasement is endless terror attacks and hundreds of innocent victims.

The unbelievable thing is that this entire issue is just swept under the carpet by the fake news media and the Powers That Be.

Despite there being over 50,000 known Islamist extremists, how often do you see this issue being covered by the media?

MI5 and SO15 Counter Terrorism Command are an absolute joke.

They spend most of their time harassing ordinary political patriots.

Party leader Paul Golding has been arrested and prosecuted for minor, politically-motivated offences many times by SO15 Counter Terrorism Command.

Yet tens of thousands of Islamists walk the streets and spew hate on every street corner.

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