Giuliani til Trump: Du skylder MAGA-bevægelsen at deklassificere ALT

While talking to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on a podcast on Friday, Giuliani called on Trump to go on a declassification spree because there’s “no longer any reason to try to create some kind of harmony.”

“At many times, I thought he was ready to do it, and many times it was blocked by, I have to assume, the force that we now call the ‘deep state,’” Giuliani said. “I think he owes it, not just to MAGA, he owes it to the American people to put it out.”

Giuliani went on to double down on his claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.

“They are beginning a pattern of crooked elections on a major scale,” he said. “The election of 2020 was a rigged election. There is overwhelming evidence of it. We possess it.”


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  1. Ret lige:”..reclassification spree..” (re=(da)gen-) står der;øhh- de må være “DEclassification” spree (de=(da)af-)

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