Goebbels’ plan for destruktion af Englands radarsystemer


“How do you intend to do it?” asked Hitler with an inquisitive and almost admiring look.

“Simple”, shot back Goebbels, as his chest expanded with pride and confidence. “We’ll do what Stalin did only we’ll do it better”.

Now Hitler was puzzled. “Stalin? What are we going to do? Send the British to Siberia”, he said with a sly grin.

“Certainly not,” said Goebbels, who was now looking a little peeved. “The peace penny”.

“Of course”, said Hitler as he suddenly leapt to his feet. “Why didn’t I think of that. Now I remember. That was last year when that cunning old dog Stalin got the Comintern to set up the International Peace Campaign in Brussels and all those dumb Englanders signed a peace pledge and a peace petition. Why they even demanded a peace penny”.

“That’s the one,” said Goebbels, getting more excited about his project by the minute.


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