Her blogger vi gratis – Bloggergate

Call it “Bloggergate” — the subversion of the blogosphere by Democrat money.

To be more precise, Bloggergate is the subsidizing of left-wing bloggers with illegal Democrat campaign contributions, laundered through ostensibly “non-partisan” non-profit groups.

At a convention of left-wing bloggers last summer, Hillary Clinton announced, “We are . . . putting together a network in the blogosphere.”

Her remarks became public only three weeks ago, on Oct. 2, when an anonymous person posted a shaky, hand-held videotape of her speech on YouTube. In it, Hillary bragged that she had helped create “institutions” which had produced a left-wing “network in the blogosphere” capable of “matching” the alleged “advantage of the other side.”

Mere på NewsMax

Ifølge artiklen får venstrefløjsbloggere i USA:

““a stipend of $4,500 to be paid over three months,” “editorial mentorship from experts in the field of blogging and/or journalism,” access to expensive databases such as LexisNexis, as well as free legal advice, training, and technical support.”

og hvis de blogger til Demokraternes tilfredshed, ja så er belønningen yderligere 3 måneder – og så fremdeles.

Jeg gentager, her blogger vi gratis, og er fuldstændig uafhængige. Hodjas blog skyder på alt, hvad der bevæger sig, hvis vi synes, det er relevant. 😀

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