Hjemmedyrkede terrorister chokerer Tyskland


The quiet town of Ulm is well-known in Germany as home to a group of Islamic extremists but its residents never imagined it could produce the presumed ringleader of a plot to bomb US targets.

“Everyone here knew that there was an Islamist centre in Ulm, but people are in shock. Noone imagined that it would go this far,” Ivo Goenner, mayor of the town of 120,000 people on the banks of the river Danube told AFP.

Fritz Gelowicz, 28, was the suspected leader of a three-man extremist cell planning to bomb US citizens in Germany, grew up in Ulm.

Gelowicz was not an immigrant. He was born into a middle-class family in Munich — his mother was a doctor and his father a businessman — and the family moved to Ulm when he was five.

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