Holland: “fattige flygtninge” er velhavere med lommerne fulde af penge på jagt efter Wi-Fi

NETHERLANDS, Alphen a/d Rijn, 29 October 2015.

The item was placed in the mid of a news broadcasting of TV West a Dutch regional TV channel . The insignificant place was meant: not to attract TOO MUCH ATTENTION.

However, the ugly reality concerning the endless zunami wave of Asylum seekers (refugees) becomes more and more obvious. How long will our authorities and EU try to conceal the truth that most of the so called “poor refugees” (vast majority Muslims from Islamic countries and Africa) are phoney? They are flooding Europe loaded with money and they are well to do!!! …

The cuckoo bird is far more wealthy than the poor hosts by whom it is laying its nasty eggs. The second truth show’s the sleazy false character of the political-correct “Gutmensch” receivers. By massive attack through all possible media channels bringing the message “They are people in need!”, We have the duty to help them!!? They are willing to sacrifice their own country at every possible prize: neglecting their own local needed poor, neglecting the needs of youths, disabled and elderly and even at the cost of the safety of their country.

SOURCE: TV West 28 October 2015. http://www.ogaoda.com/temp/Asielzoeke…

More information on the subject can be read on
http://www.omroepwest.nl/nieuws/29724… (Google Translator gives quite good translation to English)


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