Holland: Marokkanere kulturberiger journalist

The Moroccans had started rioting in the beginning of May; when a tea house they used as a meeting point was closed down.

The tea house was located at a shopping mall that will be demolished soon. The youths had started terrorizing the Dutch inhabitants of district Veldhuizen. They are burning cars during the night, smashing windows, throwing rocks at passers by and start arsons.

Prinsenhof 4th of May : The first report on the fire came around 03.15 a.m.. This part of veldhuizen corrently applies a ban on assembly after previous disturbance. Mayor Van der Knaap (Socialists) aldermen and the town council had decided to call for help the Cosul-General of Morocco in the Netherlands.

The revolt had lasted for several days. Some comments of inhabitants on Facebook and other social media report that the unrest is still going on, but is not an item on regular media.


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