Hvad vi har brug for er kreativ instabilitet i Mellemøsten

Interview med Mark Steyn i Australsk ABC-TV

TONY JONES: OK. You’ve obviously thought this through because if the clear enemy of stability – in fact, you don’t like stability, do you?


TONY JONES: I forgot about that.

MARK STEYN: (Laughs). Stability is the enemy. Stability gave us 9/11 and nuclear Iran and Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. The stability of the present Middle East has been a disaster for the world.

TONY JONES: Alright. If you maintained the real problem, let’s put it that way, is Tehran, what can be done about it realistically because the United States is talking about sanctions, while Iran is simultaneously rebuilding or building with greater energy its nuclear capacity and it is attempting to build a nuclear weapon. That’s obviously clear.


TONY JONES: Are you suggesting there has to be military conflict in order to stop that?

MARK STEYN: I think at some point it will come to that and so I think if you know you’re going to be eventually in a military conflict with a certain power, then all you can do is try to control the timing as much as you can to your advantage. I don’t think anyone in the United States is eager to go to war with Iran right now. At the same time, they understand that Iran has always believed in exporting its terrorism beyond its jurisdiction. Iran has never been a conventional nation state, as we understand it. The Ayatollah Khamenei always saw the revolution as speaking for Muslims all over the world and, in a sense, every little story we’ve seen in the last couple of years from the Danish cartoon crisis to this nuclear thing, vindicates his view of the situation that in fact you can universalise Islam as an identity and make a whole heap of trouble for people.

Mere af det tankevækkende interview på ABC Lateline via DemocracyFrontline (som angiver at intervieweren er lyserød).

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