Hvordan 2020 valget blev stjålet fra Donald Trump

David Kupelian explores myriad ways presidential contest was rigged

The numbing spectacle of America being humiliated and mocked by the rest of the world and ordered around by Afghan terrorists, and of the greatest nation on earth being led by a babbling, obviously senile, unprincipled, corrupt, mindless shell of a man – with a vice president arguably even worse – should compel every American to carefully consider how on earth we got here, and whether the presidential selection process so employed was truly legitimate.

To that end, mentally travel back in time to a few days before the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

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President Donald Trump was drawing massive overflow crowds to his daily rallies in cities across the nation, even holding five events in five different cities on the Sunday before Election Day. In every venue, the air was filled with thunderous chants of “Four more years,” “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “USA! USA! USA!”

Indeed, Trump had made the USA energy-independent for the first time in 70 years, created more than 5 million jobs, reduced unemployment to below 4% and brought African-American unemployment to its lowest ever. He brought America’s southern border finally under control including construction of over 450 miles of border wall, cut taxes and burdensome regulations, raised household middleclass incomes and negotiated strong pro-American trade agreements in place of job-killing ones like NAFTA. Early in the COVID pandemic, he marshalled all the forces of government, military and private business to join together to keep the mysterious new virus from overwhelming America’s hospitals, manufacturing needed ventilators, bringing military hospital ships to hard-hit areas, and launching “Operation Warp Speed” to try to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

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Internationally, he stood up to China – something no other modern president has done – withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, destroyed the murderous ISIS caliphate, ratcheted down the nuclear threat from North Korea’s deranged dictator, moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to the capital Jerusalem, and brokered peace deals between Israel and five different Arab-Muslim countries, for which he was twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

All this while being attacked literally non-stop – including two corrupt impeachment trials – by Democrats, virtually the entire “mainstream media,” the powerful tech monopolies and the permanent “deep state,” particularly Washington’s scandalously weaponized federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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OK. So what about Trump’s challenger?

A shuffling, peevish and often confused Joe Biden attracted no more than 100 to 200 people to his pre-election rallies where he stumbled through short scripted speeches. His vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, selected entirely for being a woman of color (Biden had committed publicly to choosing a woman VP and said he’d prefer one of color), turned out to be so jarringly repellant, even to Democrats, that she dropped out of the presidential race during the primaries, winning zero electoral votes.

Yet Biden and Harris won the 2020 election – supposedly.

Since taking office in January, the Biden-Harris administration has enabled an unprecedented tidal wave of illegal aliens, many COVID-positive, to freely enter the U.S. They have presided over an explosion of violent crime directly caused by Democrat policies like “defunding the police,” releasing incarcerated violent offenders and refusing to prosecute rioters, arsonists and shoplifters. They’ve reversed Trump’s unemployment gains and energy self-sufficiency, seriously inflated the nation’s currency by creating trillions of new dollars to fund astronomically expensive socialist spending programs, and weaponized COVID-19 to keep Americans fearful, insecure, poor and dependent on government handouts. They’ve prioritized recruiting transgenders into the military while mandating the nation’s armed forces be force-fed anti-American “critical race theory” to make them hate the country they’re sworn to defend.

Internationally, Biden and Harris have projected shocking weakness to America’s adversaries, from China to Russia to Iran, all of which predictably have become ever bolder in threatening their neighbors – and the U.S. And with Biden’s astonishingly botched exit from Afghanistan, up to 15,000 American citizens are trapped there – effectively hostages inside the tribal nation now controlled by Taliban jihadists.

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In short, just seven months into the Biden-Harris administration, America’s standing in the world has been effectively destroyed, while at home the nation writhes in the grip of an increasingly insane Marxist political and cultural revolution.

Question: Did America’s voters really want all of this?

How is it possible that the vast American middle class – long blessed as a bastion of common sense, decency, rugged individualism and Judeo-Christian sensibilities in a dark and largely godless world – could choose the chaos, disintegration, fear, hopelessness and death ushered in by Joe Biden, over the previous administration that was unquestionably pro-American, pro-liberty, pro-growth and pro-life?

In short, was the 2020 election truly fair? Or was it rigged?

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Most allegations that last November’s election was stolen from Donald Trump center on election fraud and abuse. Indeed, the number of documented “irregularities” is overwhelming: five crucial swing states bizarrely announcing on election eve they were going to stop counting votes for the night when Trump was ahead, only to report the next morning that Joe Biden was in the lead; the clearly unconstitutional last-minute changes in voting regulations in various states, all obviously intended to invite fraud and abuse; Philadelphia election workers refusing to allow Republican observers to witness the vote count and Detroit election personnel likewise plastering cardboard over windows in a vote-counting room to avoid being observed as required by law; the refusal of some states to check voters’ signatures on ballots; the hundreds of affidavits, sworn under penalty of perjury and imprisonment, all testifying to having witnessed overt election fraud; and so on ad infinitum.

Even now, Democrats are still desperately trying to discredit and halt the ongoing forensic election audits underway in key battleground states, while accusing states attempting to pass the most reasonable, commonsense Voter ID laws of engaging in white-supremacist “voter suppression.” Biden has ridiculously labeled them “Jim Crow 2.0.”

But voter fraud is only one element in what was – if one dares speak the forbidden truth out loud – a clearly unfair and rigged election.

From day one of Donald Trump’s presidency, virtually the entire Democratic Party establishment, its secret collaborators in the federal law enforcement and intel agencies, as well as Big Tech and Big Media were unified in their determination to deny Trump a second term, and preferably to remove him from office as quickly as possible.

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The all-out campaign to destroy Trump – whatever it took, moral or immoral, legal or illegal – actually began before Trump took office in January 2017.

The Obama administration used the FBI to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. This led to three years of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax in which Trump was essentially accused of being a traitor, colluding with America’s mortal enemy. After great suffering on the part of many, from Trump and his family, to others caught in Mueller’s web, like former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn and former Navy lieutenant Carter Page, the truth finally emerged: “Trump-Russia collusion” was all a giant hoax concocted to divert attention from Hillary Clinton’s actual crimes.

“Newly declassified handwritten notes authored by former CIA Director John Brennan,” revealed attorney and bestselling author Gregg Jarrett, “show that on July 28, 2016, he briefed President Barack Obama on intelligence evidence that Clinton had approved a plan to vilify Trump with false accusations that he was colluding with Russia. She did it, the intel concluded, to distract from her own damaging email scandal.”

The story of the decade was, of course, ignored by Big Media, which had breathlessly front-paged “Trump-Russia collusion!” every day for three years.

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It was much the same with the two fraudulent impeachments of Trump, the attempts to invoke the 25th Amendment to have him removed from office as mentally unfit, the vicious defamation of his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh as a serial rapist, the persistent characterization of Trump himself as another Hitler, and so on throughout Trump’s presidency.

But this is not just a matter of “The Swamp” disliking Trump and treating him shabbily, and thus affecting voters’ perception.

This is also about direct interference with the 2020 election. For example, during the last few weeks before the Nov. 3 election, the New York Post published a sensational and entirely accurate story about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. Along with photos and videos showing Hunter smoking crack and engaging in group sex with prostitutes, his emails contained damning information tying Joe Biden to his son’s corrupt foreign business deals, including Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company that paid Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on its board while his father, as vice president, was in charge of U.S. policy toward Ukraine – a textbook example of political high corruption. Other emails on the laptop revealed Hunter discussing future business deals with China’s largest energy company.

Not only did Big Tech ban the story so voters wouldn’t get wind of it, but Big Media concocted an outrageous diversionary tactic to refute it.

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“More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son ‘has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’”

That was the lead in Politico’s top story of Oct. 19, 2020, two weeks before the Nov. 3 election:

While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work.

“If we are right,” they added, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.”

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In reality, as became clear after the election, every one of those 50 “former intel agents” disgraced themselves by smearing the New York Post story as the work of Russian spooks. There was not a shred of truth to their allegation. Indeed, Hunter Biden later would all but admit to the media that it was indeed his laptop. Today, there is no Democrat leader, media member or “intel agent” that doubts the laptop is Hunter Biden’s. Indeed, they knew it all along.

After the election, polls revealed that if Democratic voters had known about the New York Post story and its damning revelations of corruption involving both Hunter Biden and his father, enough of them would have changed their vote that Biden would have lost.

“A full 36% of Democrats knew nothing about the Hunter Biden story,” revealed Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, which polled voters. “Further, 4.6% of Democrats said they would not have voted for Joe Biden had they known this story. … Had they known this story, Joe Biden would not have carried Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the Trump lead would have been definitive in North Carolina. … Meaning that Donald Trump would have won 289 electoral votes and would be the re-elect president of the United States.”

This is just one example of rigging an election without ever creating a fake ballot or voting twice. There are many others.

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If what Big Tech and Big Media did in shielding voters from damning and factual information about Joe Biden in October 2020 amounts to election interference, then one logically should multiply that episode by hundreds of times throughout the Trump presidency.

From the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, to the two fake impeachments, to false claims Trump praised “very fine” Nazis in Charlottesville, to claims he instituted a “Muslim travel ban,” to claims he “locks children in cages” and “makes women and children drink from toilets,” to the continual comparisons with Hitler, the media and tech monopolies, along with Democrats and the “deep state,” had been interfering with Trump’s re-election bid for more than four years.

One more thing: If a nation’s leader truly is another Hitler, as top Democrats and media personalities insisted continually, not only should that leader obviously be defeated, but there is an absolute moral imperative to cheat in order to defeat him.

Except they never really believed Trump was another Hitler. They were just lying – because they love power more than truth, more than honor, more than what’s right. More than anything.

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Important note to readers from David Kupelian: The preceding is adapted from my introductory story in the current issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “YES, THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN: How Big Tech, Big Media, lying Democrats, deep staters and vote fraudsters cheated Trump – and America.” That issue makes it absolutely undeniable, to any half-way fair-minded person, that last November’s election was indeed stolen from President Donald Trump. To cite just one example, in Whistleblower’s exclusive interview with top Google researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, he explains how Google singlehandedly induced at least 6 million “undecided” voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden.

I urge you to get this issue. It is flying off the shelves, but we printed 10,000 extra copies to meet the demand.

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