Hvorfor kalder Joe Biden Danmark for et racistisk hvidt supremacistisk land?

Joe Biden, Why Are You Calling Denmark a White Supremacist Country? And You, Barack Obama: Why Are You Calling Africa a Racist Continent?

What to you mean, No Pasarán, with those provocative questions, “Why are you calling Denmark a white supremacist country, Joe Biden? Why are you calling Africa a racist continent, Barack Obama?”?!

When have Joe Biden or Barack Obama ever said that?! Are you bonkers?!

That’s just the problem, dear reader: they have not said that.

But they should. According to the Democrats’ own logic.


Actually, scratch that: it turns out that, according to the Democrats’ own logic, they have in fact said that, or, if you prefer, they have implied it…

After all, if demanding voter IDs is symptomatic of racism and indicative of a Jim Crow culture, then Denmark is one hell of a racist (and rotten) kingdom, because it is a nation in which — horror of horrors! — you cannot go into the booth on voting day and vote unless… (wait for it) you produce… a special voting ID.

For each election (national, regional, and/or local) in the land of Hamlet, the voter gets a card in the mail, valid for that election day alone, and it must be presented when you go to the polls — in person, of course — and after being handed over, the voter’s name is ticked off on the voting rolls before he enters the booth.

Further South, in France, the nation’s electoral card lasts for 12 elections (national, regional, and/or local), duly stamped, after which it must be renewed. In addition, in any town or city with more than 3,500 citizens, the voter must also present a regular ID.

The details, and the specifics, may change, but in all cases, there is some sort of an ID to be presented in order to vote.

Aren’t you outraged, drama queens?! 

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  1. Joe Biden vil ikke købe Grønland.
    Ikke at vi vil eller kan sælge Grønland, men købe det vil han ikke.
    Det var andre tider under Trump.

  2. Så vidt vide er Danmark da tværtimod et anti-racistisk, sort-brunt-lyserødt og især mindreværdspræget land, der af politikerne kompenseres med storhedsvanvid og planer om at finansiere og redde hele verden og store dele af solsystemet.

    Resten af mælkevejen må dog klare sig selv. Indtil videre. Men Rosa Lund og Mette F har nedsat en task force.

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