Hvorfra kommer MSM’s (LSM) anti-semitisme fra?

The American Thinker skriver om BBC og andre europæiske medier:

Bloggers have done much to expose the unspeakably sleazy alliance between the international media and Hezb’allah. Just in the last several weeks we’ve seen the Lebanese ambulance scam, the Qana dead baby fraud, the Hamas kidnapping of Fox news people in Gaza, and an endless number of hate-Israel “news” stories

Shamefully, those stories are in big  popular demand in Europe, conveniently fed by Reuters, AFP, and the BBC. In Germany Der Spiegel is a loud voice of  animosity. Deutsche Welle is a little more circumspect, but hatred for black-hearted foreigners is back in fashion, even in Germany itself. It makes everybody feel so much better. The European Union needs a common enemy, since it has no other reason for existence. And it all keeps an estimated 26 million Euro-Muslims focused on the Israeli enemy, and less likely to burn down their neighborhoods. This is the fear that fanatics inspire; it is why they have power out of proportion to their numbers; and it is why Europe is still a stranger to democracy.

Yet the truth is out there if  you want to find it. But the Beeb doesn’t seem to want to know. Nor do Europe’s and America’s media bosses. Why? Because they are personally responsible. These things don’t just happen. They are the result of years of careful placement of exactly the right people with the right opinions in the right jobs. It is the media bosses and their political backers who have created the culture of hate we see before us.

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