I anledning af Koffi Annan afgår fra FN

As Secretary-General Annan prepares to leave his post at the United Nations, a mystery is surfacing surrounding his apartment on Roosevelt Island, subsidized by New York taxpayers, which is still in use by the family of his brother, Kobina Annan.

The apartment was where Mr. Annan and his wife lived before 1997, when he became secretary-general. The Roosevelt Island home is part of an estate of low-rent state-regulated housing. For years, the Annans saved considerable sums by occupying an apartment meant to help financially strapped low- to moderate-income New York families.

One question Mr. Annan has never addressed is why he and his wife felt comfortable availing themselves of this generous arrangement. Another is how it is that, since Mr. Annan and his wife left that Roosevelt Island apartment 10 years ago to move into the rent-free residence on Sutton Place supplied to the secretary-general, their former low-rent apartment was handed over to be occupied by the family of Mr. Annan’s brother.

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  1. Kofis familie og venner har i mange år pampret den lystigt, bl.a. hans søn som deltager i den svindelagtige handel med Irak, mens der var FN-sanktioner mod landet.

    Kofi er en typisk FN-diplomat, fuld af smukke ord, totalt ineffektiv, i lommen på diktatorer og skumle økonomiske interesser.

    Sandsynligheden for, at det bliver bedre under hans efterfølger, er forsvindende lille.

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