I morgen skal der stemmes om Brexit (opdateret)

Eller rettere om den kapitulationsaftale,som Theresa The Appearser har “forhandlet” med EU

Den aftale er INTET værd og forhåbentlig bliver den stemt ned !

Nearly 500 MPs agreed to this when they voted for it in Parliament.

“What Article 50 says is what 500 MPs voted for, backing up our vote in a referendum, backing up our vote in a General Election where 85 per cent of us voted for parties saying they would deliver Brexit.

“What Article 50 says is: ‘The EU Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or’ — and here’s the key — ‘failing that, two years after the notification’ so the notification was the letter that was delivered that Theresa May spoke about.

“It’s clear what 5oo MPs agreed to was either we have a Withdrawal Agreement or in two years — namely on March 29th, 2019, at 11pm — we just leave the European Union.

“It couldn’t be simpler and I have to say, I did think on that day, ‘That’s it. We’ve done it. That simply can’t be overturned. It’s impossible.’

“Surely, our Members of Parliament could not be that twisting, could not be that dishonest not just to break the promise that our decision would be implemented but that their own explicit vote on this important legal document?”

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