BRITAIN is losing its identity as a nation thanks to record immigration levels, a think-tank warned yesterday.

Mass, unchecked flows into the country – especially under Labour – will soon lead to political breakdown, said Civitas.

Fast-growing, segregated en­claves across the country do not accept our values.

And the 7/7 bombers are an alarming example of how our stability is threatened by such groups, added Civitas academic David Conway.

The UK population will in­crease by one per cent in just two years at the current rate of immigration, he said.

Net migration rocketed by 42 per cent in just a year, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics yesterday.

And the more immigrants and their descendants fail to follow our culture, the harder it is to maintain it, said Mr Conway.

He added: “The country may possibly have already reached a tipping point beyond which it can no longer be said to contain a single nation.

“Should that point have been reached, then ironically, in the course of Britain having become a nation of immigrants, it would have ceased to be a nation.

“Once such a point is reached, political disintegration may be predicted to be not long in following.”

He said these claims were underlined by the fact that “all four suicide bombers of July 7 were British-born, secondgeneration UK Muslims who had grown up in Britain in highly segregated enclaves”.

He added: “Those for whom this country has always been a model of tolerance and freedom cannot but have cause for deep concern about the seemingly reckless pace and scale on which immigration has recently been allowed to proceed.

“Since 1997, Tony Blair’s Labour Government has effectively abandoned even the goal of limiting immigration.

“As a result, by encouraging unending mass immigration as a permanent feature of the political landscape, there may result a disintegration of the bonds that hold together the group of people that constitutes a nation.”

The report comes days after Immigration Minister Liam Byrne admitted mass migration has left Britain “deeply unsettled”. Labour’s open-door policy is hitting the poorest areas, and public services cannot keep up with the huge influx, he said.

Housing and schools are be­ing hit and the migrant inflows are fuelling inequality and child poverty.

Figures yesterday showed that migrants are flocking to Britain at a rate of 1,500 every day. With only 1,000 leaving, it means our population is soaring by 500 daily.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said yesterday: “This report suggests the Gov-ernment’s inability to get a grip on immigration, or put a limit on numbers entering the UK, is destabilising British society.

“We know that unchecked immigration is putting pressure on housing and local services. Now this report shows that its effects are potentially even more serious.”

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: “This blows out of the water the repeated claims that we have, as a nation, been successfully absorbing immigration through­out history.

The Home Office said last night: “The Government is committed to pursuing a balanced migration policy.

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  1. De savner en person af Winston Churchills format.
    Det forkommer mærkeligt, at en nation, der kæmpede så tappert under 2.Verdenskrig, nu opfører sig som en lydig hund.


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