Indvandrer knuser indvandrer

Authorities said Friday they will prosecute a woman who crushed a teenager to death with her car after he snatched her handbag.

The incident assumed national importance partly because it happened in early 2005, at a time when ethnic tensions were inflamed. The 19-year-old came from a Moroccan family and the filmmaker Theo van Gogh had been murdered by a Muslim radical just two months earlier.

Many people were sympathetic to the driver, believing she was justified in chasing the thieves and that the death was an accident.

The story was complicated by the youth’s previous criminal behaviour, by the driver’s record of reckless driving, and by the fact that she herself came from an immigrant family from the former Dutch colony of Suriname.

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Ja det kan jo ikke være ulovlig våbenbesiddelse som i urmagersagen.


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